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Mexican Street Decoration


What We're About

Amigos Art & Pottery would like to exist with the simple goal of giving Mexican artisans the means to make a living while preserving their heritage. The collective draws on the ancient Mexican values of community responsibility, family and sustainability. But it also utilizes the reach of the internet and strengthening business capacity to sustain themselves.

To that end Amigos Art & Pottery will:

  1. Provide funding revenue from Amigos Art & Pottery to support existing artist in Mexico.

  2. Amigos Art & Pottery supports a model for community solutions to poverty: By ensuring artisan vendors have the power to make decisions about their art and culture on their terms—as artisans, as business-people, and ultimately, as Mexicanos.

  3. The cooperatives share costs and profits, but also offers its members opportunities for creative collaboration and skills training. As in many tourist towns, craftspeople in Mexico must cater to visitors’ interests to survive, but the collective will allow artisans to preserve their local styles and traditions.

The Impact


  • Support an alternative method of getting artists works recognized and purchased.  

  • Help support art cooperatives own business capacity so they can elevate themselves and their artist communities out of poverty. 

  • Preserve centuries of cultural artistry for generations to come. 

  • Introduce reliance on for profit exporters.

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